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VCL components

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Visual Component Library (VCL). A library for Borland Delphi application developement.

  • DBISAM (Elevate Software)
    Embedded database engine for Borland Delphi and C++Builder. It compiles directly into an .EXE without needing external .DLLs or configuration files.
  • eDocEngine VCL (Gnostice Information Technologies)
    e-document creation software to ceate documents, spreadsheets and images, and exports reports in 18 formats.
  • ExpressGridPack (Developer Express)
    Integrated subscription package which includes the complete range of VCL Grid Controls
  • ExpressNavigationPack (Developer Express)
    All DevExpress Navigation and Layout Management Controls are in one integrated subscription package

  • ExpressQuantumPack (Developer Express)
    ExpressQuantamPack includes the VCL Grid the printing library Layout Manager the DevExpress Application-Wide Skins

  • GrammarKit (Chant)
    Chant GrammarKit is comprised of tools for editing, compiling, and persisting grammars to distribute with your applications and application ready software components to dynamically generate and compile grammars as part of your deployed applications.
  • ImagXpress (Accusoft)
    Colour, photographic and document imaging components for .NET and ActiveX 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • InfoPower (Woll2Woll Software)
    The InfoPower Delphi VCL includes a masterpiece grid supporting master-detail relationships, embedded controls, lookups, images, formatted text, etc. Also included is a flexible transposed grid to display your rows across columns instead of rows.
  • InfoPower and 1stClass Bundles (Woll2Woll Software)
    Controls for Delphi and C++ Builder including image-shaped forms, image-shaped buttons and polished bound and unbound treeview and outlookbar components.
  • IntraWeb Component Packs (TMS Software)
    Components for building web applications including grids, calendars, datepickers, navigational controls, advanced edits, HTML editor and menus.
  • LexiconKit (Chant)
    Chant LexiconKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components for creating, editing, and deploying speech recognition and speech synthesis lexicons with word pronunciations to enhance recognition accuracy and synthesis quality.
  • LMD DesignPack (LMD Innovative)
    Native, royalty-free VCL components including controls for adding object inspectors, extended form control designers or diagram-like objects. Full source code is included.
  • LMD RichPack (LMD Innovative)
    Native, royalty-free VCL components including controls that are based on the Microsoft RichEdit DLL and that enable integration of text editors providing pre-defined dialogue boxes and hyperte
  • LMD SearchPack (LMD Innovative)
    Native VCL components that can be compiled into applications without royalties. Integrate advanced search features for text snippets or HTML files including support for wildcards or AND, OR, NEAR and NOT operators.
  • LMD SysPack (LMD Innovative)
    Collection of native VCL components that can be compiled into application without royalites. StoragePack controls are used to save and restore application configuration data.
  • LMD WebPack (LMD Innovative)
    Royalty-free, native VCL components that can be compiled into applications. Integrate advanced web-based features such as application updates via the internet, display news items and scan web sites or single HTML pages.
  • LMD-Tools (LMD Innovative)
    VCL components for interface design, database applications, web components and file controls.
  • PDFtoolkit VCL (Gnostice Information Technologies)
    PDF component suite for Delphi and C++Builder enabling developers to create applications that can edit, enhance, secure, merge, split, view, sign digitally and print PDF documents and process PDF forms.
  • ProEssentials (Gigasoft)
    A charting tool for engineering, manufacturing, financial and handling larger data-sets due to ProEssentials' superior speed, quantity of features and attention to rendering and end-user detail.
  • ProfileKit (Chant)
    Chant ProfileKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components that backup and restore, activate, create, delete, and train end user profiles with standard or custom scripts to enhance speech recognition accuracy.
  • ReportBuilder (Digital Metaphors)
    Delphi reporting. Includes server for report delivery, drag and drop layout, components for text, lines, shapes, charts, barcodes, regions, and subreports. Produce free-form, nested, side-by-side and drill-down reports.
  • TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX (Steema)
    Charting component library offering hundreds of graph styles in 2D and 3D for data visualisation, as well as 54 mathematical, statistical and financial functions for users to choose from.

  • VCL Component Sets (TMS Software)
    VCL components for Delphi and C++ Builder including planner, grid, chart, Unicode, instrument, asynchronous communication and SQL query components for Microsoft Windows and IntraWeb application development.

  • VoiceMarkupKit (Chant)
    Chant VoiceMarkupKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components to generate Nuance L&H Native Control Sequence, Microsoft SAPI, and W3C SSML markup language that enhances the playback quality when synthesizing text-to-speech.
  • XtremeDevSystem (Gnostice Information Technologies)
    VCL Universal Subscription containing all Gnostice VCL developer products including eDocEngine VCL, PDFtoolkit VCL, XtremePDFConverter VCL and new VCL products released within twelve months of purchase.