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Enfocus: Free upgrade on PitStop 2017

FREE upgrade to PitStop 2017

This offer is valid until PitStop v2017 is released.

Enfocus announces PitStop 2017 will be released in April 2017.
Enfocus rewards its loyal customers:

  • Customers buying a new PitStop 13 license from 08/03/2017 until the release of PitStop 2017, will automatically also receive a license for PitStop 2017 that they can use when it is available.
  • Customers on older versions also have the opportunity to take out a maintenance contract prior to release, but they must upgrade to the current PitStop 13 version first to be able to do so.
  • For PitStop 13 users without a maintenance contract, the most cost effective way to upgrade to PitStop 2017 is by taking out an annual maintenance contract now.
  • Customers under maintenance will automatically receive the new PitStop 2017 license upon release.

To learn more about Enfocus, click here or take advantage of this promotion and contact us on 020 8733 7101 or enquiries@qbssoftware.com.

(Last Updated: 30 March 2017)