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Lead Management

QBS Software website and individual publisher websites provide opportunities to download evaluations and demonstrations and we attend many events with publishers where potential customers are contacted. We would like to help you to follow up on those leads, especially if you do not deal directly with customers or do not have the time or resources to spare.

We have a dedicated outbound telemarketing resource to profile and further qualify leads which we will provide feedback on. Our CRM system enables us to track web leads and produce reports as often as required. We can also collate and respond to contacts made through trade events.

We accept leads by e-mail, preferably attached as a spreadsheet. Leads should be supplied in a standard format; it is imperative that we are supplied with the customer's name and a valid e-mail address. It would be useful if we also had a company name (where applicable) and a full address and telephone number.

Please note that the Data Protection Act 1998 requires that customers passed onto us must have agreed to be contacted by one of your resellers.

Please email marketing@qbssoftware.com to discuss options.

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(Last Updated: 17 May 2013)