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New Publisher Package

The QBS Software product portfolio comprises more than 5,000 products. Each product that we agree to sell is assessed by our technical, marketing and sales teams and must meet the following criteria:

  • The product must be technically sound.
  • It must address the needs of our technical audience.
  • We need to believe that we can sell it.

Marketing is key to the success or failure of many new products. There are large numbers of products competing for limited market share and we would like to help you to make your product as visible as possible.

The QBS Software New Publisher Marketing Package provides a selection of marketing resources to give your products the best possible boost. New publishers must commit to at least three months of marketing with us, as this amount of time is often required to produce tangible results. This will also help balance the initial investment that we make in getting products on our website and producing all the associated marketing materials.

The New Publisher Marketing Package comprises:

  • Product listing on the QBS Software website including:
    • Company profile listing (including company logo)
    • Descriptive text
    • Images for each product (box-shot and screenshots)
    • Price options for each product (with ESD capability)
  • Inclusion of new product additions and major new version releases in the monthly e-mail newsletter (TechNews) for the nearest available month
  • Initial advice on product positioning
  • Six monthly review of sales progress and market positioning
  • Web adverts in agreed spaces on the QBS Website
  • Listing on the homepage for a particular product (1 week)
  • Targeted e-mails to inform existing customers when a new version of a product becomes available
  • Press release when you join the QBS Software website.

If you would like QBS to act as a reseller for your products, please contact Marketing on 020 8733 7108 or email marketing@qbssoftware.com

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(Last Updated: 17 May 2013)