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Methods of marketing have changed and improved vastly which has allowed QBS Software to become more efficient at telling our customers what we are about and getting our marketing messages across to them.

QBS Software has taken advantage of this move towards advanced technology as well as become a more eco-friendly company. This being said, it has allowed us to work closely with our publishers to keep our customers up-to-date with latest updates, special offers, events and technical information.

Electronic Direct Mailshots (EDM)

We recognise that our customers are often receiving a large number of e-mail traffic therefore we target each electronic mailing carefully. The different types of EDM’s we produce are:

  • TechNews: A cross-section of QBS Software’s vast product portfolio with updates on upgrades, new versions, special offers, events and technical tips. This is a monthly electronic publication which reaches an audience of approximately 37,500 including individual developers, corporate entities and publishers.

  • Publisher Specific: These are targeted EDM which are automatic, individual e-mail shots targeted at customers to notify them of special offers, upgrades and version changes.

  • BusinessWorld: A digest of software including products and solutions relevant to business customers which has a circulation of 5,000+ customers.

  • DeveloperWorld: Provides up-to-date information on developer tools and software that can be used for creating applications which has a circulation of 15,000 customers.

  • SecurityWorld: Provides information which allows customers to get up-to-date with the latest security products, having a circulation of 30,000+ customers.

  • VirtualWorld: Provides information on software to assist with setting up virtual environments and has a circulation of 5,000+ customers.

If you wish to subscribe to the above emails, please visit here.

QBS Software has a strict policy regarding e-mails sent to customers:

  • The monthly QBS Software TechNews (see above).
  • Upgrades and new product information from publishers are sent to customers who have previously purchased the product from that specific publisher.

Signature Banners

Members of the QBS Software send approximately 20,000 each month. Every signature carries an advertising banner that links back to the product page being promoted. QBS Software offers publishers the opportunity to append a graphic to QBS e-mail signatures.

Renting an e-mail list from an external party

QBS Software is often approached by list companies to rent e-mails. Response varies, but they can generate a return of between 0.4 %and 2% depending on how the information is structured and subject to a minimum of approximately 4,000 names. Purchasing such a list can be useful if targeting specific areas in the IT industry. QBS Software can recommend list brokers.

Contact QBS Software Marketing Department.

Please email marketing@qbssoftware.com for advertising opportunities. Please make subject lines relevant to the specific eMarketing you are talking about. e.g. Subject Line: TechNews.

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(Last Updated: 15 May 2013)