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5 Minute Software  by Desaware


INIFileTool-5M enables INI files to be read and written from .NET or Web applications providing a 100% managed code solution that does not use API calls and that can run in partial trust scenarios.

INI files (initialisation files) are a simple text based file format that is often used to configure applications. The file is divided into sections each of which is marked with the section name in brackets. Each section can have an unlimited number of entries with entry key separated from its value by an equal sign. Comments are preceded by semicolons. INI files are not as powerful or flexible as the XML file format but are much easier for non-programmers to edit. Source code is available.


OneTimeDownload-5M is a component that allocates, implements and manages temporary URLs that are active for a limited amount of time and are often uniquely associated with individual users. Typical scenarios for this type of link include:

  • Implementing special offers or discounts where each customer receives a unique link that expires after a specified time
  • Software or document distribution where a link expires after a specified time or a limited time after first use
  • Selection of one file or document where a group of links are provided and all others become invalid once one is selected
  • e-mail campaign tracking where each e-mail has a unique link for tracking responses to specific outgoing messages.


LineGraph-5M is an Web Custom Control for adding line and scatter plot graphs to ASP.NET pages. Its appearance can be customised, numeric data can be plotted on both axes and date/time information can be plotted on the X axis. All colour and style attributes can be changed.

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