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ASP.NET Component Pack  by TMS Software

TMS ASP.NET Component Pack: Over 60 C# ASP.NET components for RAD web application development with Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 & Delphi Prism.

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New features:

  • Improved: TAB/Arrow keys handling when MouseSelect is set to (Direct Edit Mode) in AdvWebGrid
  • Fixed: Issue with masterpages in VS2010
  • IE9 & Firefox 4.0 support added


  • Support for Visual Studio 2010
  • Improved Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 compatibility
  • CheckListDropdown:
    • Value property can be used to store a record ID when adding items from a database
    • EnablePopUp property
    • Fixed setting width property
    • Checkboxes are now disabled in Firefox when Enabled = false
    • The dropdown is no longer positioned relatively causing other elements to move up or down when it is displayed or hidden
    • Fixed problem with submitting list of selected items.
  • AdvWebGrid:
    • The DataField, Title and SubTitle properties are no longer reset for the first column when assigning a gallery style to the grid
    • The default-columns no longer re-appear when the Column Count < 3.
  • HTMLEdit:
    • The Insert Image command problem has been fixed in Firefox.
  • AdvEdit:
    • The problem with the minus character when editType = string in Firefox has been fixed.
  • AutoFormFill, ExchangeBar and SideNavBar:
    • The problem with the dropdown position when the control is positioned has been fixed.
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