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Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and MS .net  by Add-in Express

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer is the only all-in-one framework that offers you a simple and quick way to customise Microsoft Internet Explorer with your own browser extensions. It completely supports the Internet Explorer Extensibility API and provides a coherent set of .net components, visual designers and deployment tools that make your IE add-on development and deployment very comfortable.

Add-in Express is available in the following editions:

  • Add-in Express Select Package Standard Edition: Includes life-time developer licence, Software maintenance with 1 year of minor updates, Standard support service for 60 days.
  • Add-in Express Select Package Professional Edition: Includes life-time developer licence, run-time source code, software maintenance with 1 year of minor updates and 1 year of new major versions, 1 year of participation in beta programs, Standard support service for 1 year.
  • Add-in Express Select Package Premium Edition: Includes life-time developer licence, complete source code, software maintenance with 1 year of free minor updates, 1 year of free new major releases and requested features or bug-fixes, 1 year of participation in beta programs, Premium support service for 1 year, escalation of problems to core developers, code review, solution research service.

Key Features:

  • Internet Explorer extensibility: Based on the Internet Explorer Extensibility, Add-in Express provides you with an integrated solution that allows adding your custom menu items, toolbar buttons, context menus, toolbars, side-bars and keyboard shortcuts to the Internet Explorer GUI.
  • Integrated solution in focus: Add-in Express integrates all Internet Explorer Extensibility features in one solution with a strong architecture and a lucid interaction model with Internet Explorer objects. You needn't follow the IE SDK way with separate ActiveX-es, script files and registry keys.
  • Visual designers: Add-in Express provides a component-centric model for programming IE add-ons. You use visual designers and components for customising the Internet Explorer menu, toolbars or side-bars and for accessing Internet Explorer objects and their events. In addition, all your IE plug-ins are script-enabled.
  • Version-neutrality: Add-in Express includes a version-neutral Internet Explorer interop assemblies based on the IE 6 type library. With these assemblies you make your add-ons compatible with the most popular IE versions - IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10. One code, one project, one solution, one deployment package for all IE versions.
  • 32 and 64 bits in one project: Add-in Express delivers its own 32-bit and 64-bit add-on loaders, automatically includes them in add-on setup projects and registers the loaders for both Internet Explorer versions, 32- and 64-bit. The loaders run your add-ons and isolate them in their own app domains. All this makes your add-ons x86 and x64-compatible, secure and isolated.
  • Deployment experience: Deployment is the premium feature of all Add-in Express projects. Each of your Add-in Express based plug-ins is msi-based and web-enabled. Just build your IE extension and its setup project and publish the resulting MSI to your deployment server.
  • Deep integration with MS Office add-ins: Add-in Express adds a special template to MS Office add-in projects based on Add-in Express for Microsoft .NET. It enables you to create Office add-ins and Internet Explorer add-ons with the common code base in the framework of one project.
  • True RAD - you write applied code only: Add-in Express is completely based on the True RAD paradigm and reduces the time you spend on COM interfaces, IE-related registry entries and IE add-on deployment. You write applied code only, Add-in Express implements everything else.
  • Support for the SHA-256 algorithm in the Signing Options, ClickTwice publishing dialog, adxPublisher.exe and adxPatch.exe tools, for multi-language prerequisites in ClickTwice deployment and for specific Editions (for all users, for beta testers, etc.) in ClickTwice deployment.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com