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Adlib PDF Express  by Adlib Software

Adlib PDF Express delivers high-definition Advanced Rendering technology that automates document-to-PDF conversion and transformation by converting, combining and enhancing a wide variety and volume of unstructured documents into more usable, fully text-searchable PDFs. It comprises:
  • Adlib PDF Express Conversion Server: server-based document conversion software for converting document types into PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X and Text
  • Adlib PDF Express Recognition Server: server-based document conversion software that uses optical character recognition (OCR) scanning technology to scan images, recognise text and apply text to the resulting PDF, making the document a fully searchable
  • Adlib PDF Express Publishing Server: server based document conversion software applies stamps such as headers, footers, watermarks and page numbers to PDFs and performs document assembly using document merging and splitting. Security can also be applied to a PDF
  • Adlib PDF Express Enterprise Server: all Adlib Express Server applications including the ability to convert to image, HTML, Microsoft Word and XPS formats.

Key Features:

  • Deploy as powerful conversion and transformation solution for individual departments or business units
  • Performance-oriented load balancing
  • Route jobs intelligently based on job priority, server grouping and function, such as OCR or CAD projects. Job monitoring ensures successful job completion
  • Integrate with document repositories or business systems through Watched Folder, Web Services and scripting capabilities
  • Monitor, report and troubleshoot via web-based management console
  • Server-based solution provides lower licensing, IT, administrative and training costs
  • Meet SLAs through enhanced efficiency and reliability where client workstations remain unaffected by document workflows, updates or add-ons
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com