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BizTalk Server  by Microsoft

BizTalk Server is Microsoft’s integration and connectivity server solution. BizTalk for solutions such as payment processing, supply chain management, business-to-business interactions, real-time decision making and reporting. BizTalk includes the tools that you need to connect your apps across your data center and in the cloud when and where you need them.

Key Features:

  • Web based Access: Simple HTML5/JavaScript based Single Page Application (SPA) for supporting BizTalk server environments such as Production, Staging, UAT, SIT and so on. No need to install any BizTalk related component on your machine to get started with BizTalk360.
  • Single Operational Tool: Unified tool to help BizTalk support people troubleshoot operational problems in a fraction of time. Overcome lost productivity in diagnosing operational problems, setting up user security and understanding which tool to use to solve a particular problem.
  • User Access Policy: Fine grained user/role based authorization to your environment. Restrict access to specific applications on user level and user group level. Set up read-only access for specific users; restrict users from being able to view message content/context information.
  • Dashboards: Unique dashboards for specific requirements — build and customise your dashboard with predefined/custom widgets. Create multiple dashboards and share it easily with your team members. Easily pin your favourite sections to the dashboard in a single click.
  • BizTalk Monitoring: Monitor the depth and breadth of your BizTalk environment including SQL server, SQL server instances, web endpoints, database queries, Azure services, Queues and more. Create alarms and get notified of threshold violations through email, SMS, notification channels.
  • Analytics: Stop treating your BizTalk environment as a big black box! Visualise interesting facts about what’s happening in the environment, construct interactive dashboards and correlate metrics across different data points. Visualise messaging patterns and environment throttling capacity.
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