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Blancco Toolkit  by Blancco

Blanco Tool Kit is a light and portable solution for data erasure needs. The software package makes data erasure efficient both offsite and onsite. The Tool Kit is simply a small case which includes Blancco software CD, a HASP key for storing licenses, LED torch and a USB stick (4GB) for report saving.

Blancco Tool Kit 2.0 is an easy, light and portable solution for your on-the-go data erasure needs. Its carbon fiber-style casing makes it a smart and professional tool that is perfect for both onsite and offsite erasure. Within the Blancco Tool Kit, you will receive a CD (Blancco software), USB HASP key (licences) and a USB pen (includes the Blancco software for USB boot). When booting the machine, you must have the CD or USB boot and the USB HASP key present.
Once you have started the erasure process, (within approximately 5 minutes) you can remove the CD/USB and HASP key and move on to the next machine and begin the process again. At the end of the erasure, all you need do is save the report to the USB stick and the erasure process is complete.

All Blancco Tool Kits come with a three year expiration date, so to begin with, you simply order as many licences as you need. Blancco can then add additional licenses within a matter of hours upon request.

  • A complete standalone solution - no network or internet connection required
  • Fully CESG approved
  • Portable product for single/multiple-site data erasure
  • A comprehensive erasure report.
  • Approximately 3-5 minutes erasure time from one PC/laptop to the next
  • Environmentally friendly - eliminates the need to physically destroy hardware when users can wipe it and then re-use it
  • Ideal for small to medium IT security projects, and allows users the opportunity to redesign internal security procedures.
  • Automatically generates detailed erasure reports after each erasure.
  • Protects against liability exposure by providing reports as proof of erasure.
  • Reports provide asset details, such as service and asset tags and serial numbers.
  • Conforms to recognized international erasure standards.
  • Helps organizations comply with internal policies, local legislation and industry standards for data security and data loss prevention.
  • Performs 75-100 erasures per day per kit.
  • Builds a secure data destruction process in just 5 minutes.

To purchase Blancco Toolkit you will need to purchase a minimum of 50 licences of Blancco 5.

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365624 1 Unit *Blancco 5 Licence Required* (BTK2.0) Delivery within 5 days. information button
Publisher's code: BTK2.0. Delivery is by courier. Normally delivered within 5 working day(s).
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