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Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS)  by Microsoft

Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS) is a four in one hosted online solution that provides the user with a range of communication, and management options.

Business Productivity Online Standard Suite comprises:

  • Exchange Online: MS Exchange Online is a hosted email solution that provides large storage capacity, robust security, and Office Outlook integration. Because this is a hosted solution, the IT needs in regards to service, support, and the purchasing of required equipment is severely reduced.
  • SharePoint Online: SharePoint Online is a hosted document storage system that provides universal access to all members of a team/organisation. This allows for a higher degree of collaboration, and tighter command and control in regards to task and projects. This has the effect of reducing duplicate efforts, and leads to a higher degree of focus and productivity in regards to accomplishing workloads. As this is a hosted solution, the economics of this choice are all too clear.
  • Office Live Meeting: Live Meeting is an online real time conference solution that can support up to 1,250 attendees at once. This application can support file transfers, training sessions, and virtually any other form of large scale collaboration efforts. This has the desired effect of reducing the cost necessary to conduct large scale interaction.
  • Microsoft Office Communications Online: Office Communications Online offers Instant Messaging and Presence Tracking to assist with time critical task, and the ability to interact in a seamless fashion across buildings, or across the globe. Time is money, and Communications Online will save your company both.
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