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CAS/Tester  by Desaware

The .NET runtime manages code access security enabling each machine to decide exactly what types of operations an assembly can perform. Many permutations might prevent an assembly from running. As more and more .NET code is deployed in a secure manner through the Internet, intranets and other distribution channels it will become increasingly important to test code under a variety of security constraints in addition to the five or six standard permission sets that have been defined by Microsoft. End-users can re-define the permissions in the permission sets and Microsoft has changed them between runtime versions. CAS/Tester exercises a program automatically under multiple security scenarios. The simple command line utility tests a fixed set of dozens of permissions in many applications. Security settings can be customised and it is possible to create sophisticated test scripts in VB.NET or C#. It supports versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the .NET Framework.
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