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Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG)  by Clearswift

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway helps organisations to mitigate spam, neutralise viruses and prevent data leaks without hindering the free flow of messages. Modern business simply couldn't function without email. However, both incoming and outgoing messages can pose significant risks to the security of company networks and confidentiality. It is therefore vital that an organisation's email gateway is able to defend against these threats.

Built on MIMEsweeper, Clearswift's content-inspection and filtering technology, the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a resilient email gateway for 50 to 50,000+ users. With the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway installed, your organisation can be confident that it is protected from digital threats and data leaks while employees communicate freely by email.

Key Features:

  • Inbound threat protection: Featuring integrated Kaspersky and / or Sophos anti-virus, with automatic updates every fifteen minutes to provide the latest protection. These technologies are supplemented with zero-hour anti-malware and active code detection to ensure that no malware comes in or goes out, via email.
  • Best-of-Breed spam detection: The NEW Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway comes with a completely redesigned anti-spam engine incorporating the best-of-breed Mailshell component. This reduces the amount of spam reaching the end-user and the number of false positives.
  • Context-aware content inspection policies: Flexible policies and context-aware content inspection mean you no longer have to choose between free-flowing communications and unacceptable risk.
  • Adaptive Redaction Clearswift’s unique: Adaptive Redaction features permits the content of messages and attachments to be modified dynamically based on policy. The Data Redaction feature allows information to flow when before it would have been blocked.
  • Adaptive Data Loss Prevention: Data loss is one of today’s biggest organisational concerns. Be it the latest designs, customer details or private employee information, the loss of intellectual property can ruin a company, both from a financial and reputational perspective.
  • Compliance: Staying within the bounds of a regulatory framework is very important. To help you maintain compliance, the SECURE Email Gateway includes standard templates and dictionaries for common terms that may indicate a data breach.
  • Email encryption: With TLS as standard and cost options to provide either S/MIME, PGP and password protected files or Web portal-based encryption, the Email Gateway offers a variety of options to cater for customer requirements.
  • Management and reporting: The user interface of the Gateway is powerful, yet simple to use. With roles based administration, automation and policy re-use, it’s quick and easy to build policy, manage violations, track messages and report on trends and behaviour.
  • Deep content inspection: True file-type detection that recognises files by signature and not by extension allows the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway to understand files accurately.
  • Flexible deployment options: You decide how you want to buy and deploy the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway, either as a pre-installed hardware appliance, as a software image that can be loaded on a choice of hardware platforms or alternatively virtualised in a VMWare / HyperV environment.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com