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Confluence  by Atlassian Software Systems

With Confluence, spend less time hunting things down and more time making things happen and organise your work, create documents and discuss everything in one place. Create anything your team needs - meeting notes, product requirements, knowledge base articles - on the web so everyone can contribute. Give feedback on any Confluence page or file with inline and pinned comments. No more ridiculous file_names_with_dates.doc or messy track changes. Capture all the information that's scattered among email inboxes and countless apps in the same place. Give every team, project or department its own space to store work. Confluence keeps everything organised and accessible.

Key Features:

  • NEW: Energise your team with Team Playbook blueprints: Health monitor, DACI decision, Experience canvas, Project poster
  • NEW: Collaborative editing keeps getting better
  • NEW: Deploy Confluence Data Center on AWS in minutes
  • NEW: SAML single sign-on comes to Data Center
  • Powerful editor: Confluence gives you the power to create anything - meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, etc. – thanks to a simple, but powerful editor.
  • Feedback in context: Leave your feedback on the work itself with inline, page and file commenting on any Confluence page. No more wasted time trying to find feedback trapped in your email or chat thread.
  • File collaboration: You work with files every day – images, PDFs, spreadsheets and presentations. You can give feedback directly on your files in Confluence and it keeps tracks of versions automatically, so you're always working on the right one.
  • Synced between mobile & desktop: Track team activity, give feedback and stay in sync between mobile and desktop. Introducing working from anywhere.
  • Organised workspaces: Create a space for every team, department or major project to share information and keep work organised.
  • Best practice templates: Atlassian include best practice templates to help you get started with popular pages, so you don't have to fuss with formatting.
  • Blogs and discussions: Share news and announcements across your company and have active discussions with comments, @mentions and likes.
  • User and content permissions: Keep your site and your content secure with granular permissions that give you complete control.
  • Page and file versioning: Track every version and change that you make to a page. Files are automatically versioned as well!
  • JIRA integration: Connect to JIRA to provide insight into your development work with automatic linking, quick issue creation and reports in Confluence.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com