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CrystalComm  by Crystal Software

This library allows the developer to add asynchronous serial port communications capabilities to their application. This library is in the form of several DLLs so that the library can be called from Access, Visual Basic, Paradox, C/C++, SmallTalk, Delphi, FoxPro, SqlBASE, dBFast, Oracle, PowerBuilder, Clipper, Turbo Pascal, and an enormous number of other 4GL languages in the Windows environment.

The library allows you to simply move characters through a COM interface, to develop scripts to communicate between client and host, or to take advantage of the built-in protocols within the library to send or receive files through a modem.

The library enables the developer to build custom applications using file transfer facilities, remote host control capability, electronic messaging, electronic mail, bulletin board systems, remote data or file access, Internet FTP file transfers, and related communication interfaces.

CrystalCOMM allows you to control up to 256 COM ports each up to a speed of 460K baud. CrystalCOMM can also encrypt and compress the communications stream so that the communication path is both secured and efficient. CrystalCOMM for WIN32 takes care of your communication needs, your encryption needs, and your compression needs, all in one library.

CrystalCOMM contains a database of modems so that you can easily integrate your product with a variety of modems, or you can use our TAPI interface to let the operating system set your modem up for you.

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