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DB Change Manager  by Idera

Embarcadero DB Change Manager XE2 is a tool that helps database administrators and developers simplify, automate and report on database changes. It supports all major databases from a single interface to streamline development and ensure database availability, performance and compliance. DB Change Manager XE2’s compare, synchronisation and auditing capabilities track changes, roll out new releases and pinpoint problems.

Key features

  • Single interface for all major DBMSes.
  • Schema archive snapshots, compare and synchronisation.
  • Data compare and synchronisation with custom mapping features.
  • Configuration audits.
  • One-to-many comparison jobs.
  • Advanced alter script generation; handles object dependencies and preserves data.
  • Integrate with Source Code Control (SCC).
  • Command line API.
  • Flexible report formats, including HTML, PDF, XML, CSV, RTF.
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