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Data Architect  by Ecrion Software

The Data Architect is designed to make the processes of linking, mapping, and retrieving data as simple as possible.  It is meant to take the technicality out of pooling important data so that users across business units can access the information they need without specialised knowledge.  The Data Architect’s goal is to provide complete transparency and easy-to-follow visual representations as a means to drastically simplify what has traditionally been a complex and time consuming process.

Key Features:

  • Data Connection Wizard: Makes it really easy to connect data sources together with clarity
  • Visual Design Interface: Very easy to use and understand visual designer to make it easy to create and edit input and output trees
  • Drag and Drop: Qickly connect tables, fields, and data points to output all through mouse functionality
  • Text/Code Editing Capabilities: Provides a platform for technical users to access the capabilities in the manner they prefer
  • Can Process Inputs in Any Format: Allows users to seamlessly integrate multiple data sources and existing queries into the new mapping process
  • Create Outputs in XML, Excel, Database and Other Formats: Provides the ability to produce data into any format you need so that other applications can make the most of the information
  • Functions Library: Quick ribbon use for data transformation operations easier and in less time
  • External Functions: Use existing or write your own .NET or JAVA functions to include data production so it is easy to integrate with other applications
  • Quick Preview: Quickly access design outputs for troubleshooting and design checking
  • Notes: Insert design notes for map sharing among team members
  • Sort: Smoothly apply sorting to data outputs
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com