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Datalock  by Awareness Technologies

DATALOCK prevents data loss regardless of where information resides. It can scan every file on every PC in an organisation to uncover confidential data and to prevent it from leaking out via e-mail, attachments, USB devices and web postings etc. It is installed at the desktop level and reports back over encrypted HTTPS protocols, not over a network, to streamline the process of detecting and blocking unauthorised attempts to move data from an organisation. A protective circumference is built around each computer in an organisation rather than just network traffic.

Patented single agent architecture identifies, tracks and controls who accesses data, the data accessed and actions taken using that data. The application can be deployed and configured with a minimum of allocated resources and coaches employees to adopt due care and best practices as set by the company.

Users and administrators can choose between a high detection rate and a low level of false positives. Removable media monitoring and control blocks the copying of any file to USB drives, iPods or external hard drives based on the file content and the employee’s function. The user profile can be set to allow copying of e-mail, attachments and attempts to write to removable media but not spreadsheets recording confidential company data.

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