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Datawatch Monarch  by Datawatch

Working with reports has always been one of Monarch’s strengths and with the release of v14, Datawatch Monarch Complete now supports Classic Models and Projects inside Data Prep studio. This new feature will allow Monarch Classic users to continue working with their existing models with the added benefit of Monarch Complete's Data Prep Studio and Monarch Swarm. Key areas of focus in this release include integration with collaboration and scheduling via Monarch Swarm, new export types and numerous usability improvements. Monarch Swarm is the latest ofiering from Datawatch, a data socialisation platform tailored for self-service collaboration and scheduling as well as enterprise governance.

Monarch Complete v14 - What's New?

  • Performance enhancements: Experience improved performance when editing models, especially when editing Summaries and adjusting Options, as well as when generating the list of values for Lookup Fields.
  • UI enhancements: Datawatch’ve added enhancements to allow you to work more eficiently such as various new functions in the context menus and a new Go To Row and Column feature.
  • Enhanced ASCII and ANSI Codepage support: Specify ASCII and ANSI codepages for input files and text exports. These settings are stored in the model to ensure correct conversion on any machine, irrespective of locale settings including on Monarch Server/ Automator.
  • EBCDIC support: Datawatch now provide support for EBCDICencoded files for selected code pages.
  • Export enhancements: Spaces in auto-generated table names are automatically replaced to ensure validity in Excel exports. Now set the sort order for pivot table row labels in Excel exports.
  • Minor enhancements:
    • Remove items from the Most Recently Used list
    • Column data types are now displayed when defining external lookups
    • SAP AIS option now available under Database Input
    • Updated PDF engine to open a wider variety of PDFs
    • New “-passive” command line installation mode
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com