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Doc-O-Matic  by toolsfactory software

Doc-O-Matic is a software source code documentation and Help authoring tool. It takes source code and comments, adds conceptual topics and external input and produces documentation from it. With its single-source approach it generates many different kinds of output from a single documentation base. Doc-O-Matic produces HTML-based Help files from HTML Help, Help 2, Help 3 to Web Help and Windows Help. It also creates printable documentation in PDF format as well as XML output ideal for post-processing.

Doc-O-Matic creates fully cross-linked documentation systems including Source Code Documentation (especially API documentation), Application Documentation and User Manuals in PDF, HTML, HTML Help, Windows Help and RTF. It parses C/C++ and Delphi/Pascal source code and can extract documentation from source files in any programming language that uses comments including Assembler, VB, Java, PHP, SQL, Perl, Ada, Fortran, COBOL and LISP. It is available in the following Editions:

  • Doc - O - Matic Professional
  • Doc - O - Matic SRC
  • Doc - O - Matic Author
  • Doc - O - Matic Express
Release version 7 is available with several improvements, fixes and new features such as support for the new Microsoft Help 3 help format, new locking feature in the Contents Manager, support for incremental search to the Project Manager and much more.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com