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Enterprise Manager  by Omniquad

Omniquad Enterprise Manager is a complete network management and monitoring solution. This centrally managed network security suite includes Surfwall web content filtering, AntiSpy for spyware detection and removal, Activity Monitor for real-time user activity monitoring, Inventory Tracker for workstation inventory auditing, network security tools for Application restrictions, Instant Remote Control and more.

Enterprise Manager is a combination of various products which helps you monitor, control and keep your network secure centrally. Enterprise Manager helps you assess the way your network is used/misused, setting usage policies, evaluating their impacts and adjusting them according to your requirements. It seamlessly implements your company's web usage policy and prevents Internet misuse during working hours. It lets you monitor, track and analyze user activities at workstations by generating comprehensive usage reports. Enterprise Manager's remote administration functionality allows you to instantly access and take control of any system on your network. Enterprise Manager employs the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) communication protocol suite to communicate/apply policies and allows remote administration between the administrator computer and the remote hosts.

Products included in Enterprise Manager

  • AntiSpy Enterprise
  • Surfwall Enterprise
  • Enterprise Activity Monitor
  • Work Station Analyzer
  • Inventory Auditing tool
  • Instant Remote Control
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