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Enterprise Manager  by Becrypt

Becrypt Enterprise Manager is a central management solution or security management suite, that provides a central repository and database from which to view all Becrypt product related events helping organisations to manage and enforce data security policy and demonstrate compliance.

Becrypt Enterprise Manager is a security management suite that enables organisations to manage their estate of Becrypt products. Centralised key management and recovery data allows products to be deployed quickly and easily without the need for administrators to visit each machine, or requiring the end-user to perform any tasks.

Becrypt Enterprise Manager helps to streamline all aspects of the management of data security products. It helps to enforce an organisational security policy and gives the ability to demonstrate compliance through auditing and reporting functionality within a simple to use security management suite. It provides full listings of all encrypted computers, so that should a device be lost or stolen its encryption status can be ascertained immediately and therefore the risk to the data assessed.

Key Features

  • Aids in the set up and deployment of DISK Protect to many PCs at once.
  • Existing Active Directory user and machine hierarchies can be imported.
  • Remotely add and remove access to DISK Protect computers.
  • New Users can be quickly added and existing users can be swiftly deleted when required preventing access to a DISK Protect encrypted machine.
  • User passwords can be remotely reset, allowing remote recovery by an administrator should a machine become locked.
  • Keys are stored centrally in the encrypted Enterprise Manager database.
  • When using Removable Media Module to encrypt USB storage devices, keys are stored in the users profile and automatically made available when the users logs on to the managed computer.
  • Protect installs,Connect Protect blocked and allowed device access, password changes and authentication failures.
  • Administrators can set email notification warnings of irregular events.
  • Library of pre-defined reports providing high level and in-depth information about the organisation’s Becrypt estate.
  • Full search facility allows lost/stolen laptops to be quickly identified and encryption status immediately obtained.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com