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Enterprise Security for Gateways  by Trend Micro

Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Gateways integrates virtualised web and messaging gateway security - proven to maximise protection while minimising complexity and lowering total cost up to 40 percent. In-the-cloud web and email reputation combined with industry-leading antispam, antivirus, and URL filtering provide multilayered, multi-threat protection that blocks malware, malicious links and unwanted content before they can enter your network. With real-time reporting, you'll gain unprecedented visibility of current web activity, enabling you to stop risky behavior immediately. Outbound filtering and email encryption protect confidential data and support compliance - for complete gateway security.

Enterprise Security for Gateways replaces IMSS/IWSS Bundle

Key Features:

  • Stops spam and unwanted content - before it can enter networks
  • Improves productivity with antispam and web filtering
  • Ensures a safe web experience by blocking infected and inappropriate sites
  • Supports regulatory compliance with inbound/outbound content filtering, anti-malware, and encryption
  • Delivers immediate protection with in-the-cloud web, email and file reputation technology
  • Stops the latest threats before they can enter networks and damage businesses
  • Lowers TCO with embedded hardened Linux OS that's deployed, patched, and maintained as a unit
  • Optimises performance and streamlines management with VMware Ready appliances
  • Supports heterogeneous hardware deployments on preferred hardware
  • Improves security by enabling on-the-spot remediation of risky web activity
  • Enables proactive management and maximises efficiency while supporting distributed environments
  • Supports compliance and speeds audits with comprehensive reports across the organisation
  • Secures sensitive information by encrypting emails based on filtering policies
  • Prevents data loss and supports regulatory compliance while removing the hassles of key and certificate management
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com