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ExpressNavigationPack  by Developer Express

ExpressNavigationPack is a suite of VCL components that includes ExpressBars Suite - MS Office Style Ribbon, Toolbars, Main Menu, Context Menu, Status Bar Controls and Visual Studio style Dock Windows. ExpressNavBar Suite - Outlook Side Bars, Windows Explorer Bars and Office Navigation Pane views available in numerous paint styles. ExpressLayout Control - Form layout customisation control allowing you to easily arrange controls and make them automatically resizeable with the container. ExpressSkins Library - Application-wide skinning library providing cutting-edge look and feel options inspired by popular software products as well as unique skins designed by DevExpress. ExpressNavigationPack comes with full Source code.

Key Features:

  • Bars, Ribbon, Docking, NavBar
    • ExpressBars Suite
    • ExpressNavBar Suite
  • Layout Manager, Data Editors, Skins
    • ExpressLayoutControl Suite
    • Data Editors
    • ExpressSkins Library
  • Full Source Code
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