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FileStream WinSettings Pro  by FileStream

WinSettings Pro is a System Backup program. It lets users decide what to clean up (also referred to as Washer and Shredder), GUI registry editor with undo option, organise, and stylise Windows, as well as include its screen capture feature with 16 ways to capture screens. Over 20 of these wizard pages are related to the Registry that let users change over 100 Registry settings using a graphic user interface without having to navigate through any program, nor does it require users to hunt down the Registry using Registry Editor.

Key features:
  • Speed up startup: WinSettings Pro lets users review and remove unwanted programs from Windows Startup to keep them from slowing down Windows Startup.
  • Protect privacy: Users can select to clean up as many as fourteen different types of tracks in one action. It will make computer run smoother and protect privacy. Users can schedule auto clean up daily, weekly, or monthly. To better protect users' privacy, users can also use its Secure Delete (Shredder) to shred files and folders (follows DoD 5220 22-Mil Standard).
  • Reclaim disk space: Use Junk and Duplicate Files Remover to scan hard drives to search for space to reclaim. WinSettings Pro also provides users the Check feature so users can review and edit the to-be-deleted file list before actually deleting the files.
  • Lock up security settings: Users can control what changes can be made to Windows settings and the Internet settings. For example, users can restrict others from changing their Internet security settings. The WinSetttings Pro tools can be password protected so that only authorised users can make the changes.
  • Customise and quick access desktop: WinSettings Pro lets users customise the appearance of their Desktop with automated multimedia features like auto wallpaper changer, background music player, and screensaver control. The WinSettings Pro customisable Notification Area (also known as the System Tray) menu gives users quick access to useful system information and tools.
  • Capture screens: WinSettings Pro offers users 16 ways to capture all or part of screen or just the application contents. Users can save, print, email, and use them in other program.
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