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Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK  by Foxit

From within any .NET application (using C# or VB.NET), Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK allows .NET software developers the ability to take any existing PDF document and merge, stamp, append, form fill, flatten, encrypt, rotate, scale, split and so much more. Use an entire PDF document or just specific PDF pages. Add content to existing PDF pages or create new pages from scratch. Do all of this using an object model that is intuitive and easy to learn yet flexible enough to put the power into the hands of the developer.

Key Features:

  • Performance: Performance was a major consideration during the development of Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK. The techniques used to parse and manage the imported data are extremely fast and well designed.
  • Ease of Use: The Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK object model is intuitive and easy to learn. Two documents can be merged together and output to a Web Form, file, byte array, or System.IO.Stream object with just two lines of code
  • Flexibility: The Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK object model is very flexible and can be used to achieve many PDF manipulation tasks. The MergeDocument object can be used to merge and append PDF documents. Pages from the resulting document can then be accessed and new content can be added to the pages.


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