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G/On  by Giritech A/S

G/On is an end-to-end remote connectivity solution that provides:
  • Application connectivity with flexible role & location-based extensions of the business infrastructure based on a unique communications technology.
  • Security via encrypted data transmission, two-factor user authentication and mutual client/server authentication to ensure both user and company are known and approved by each other.
  • Administration tools that are centrally managed and designed to ease deployment, maintenance and monitoring.

The result is a powerful business tool that increase the value of your IT infrastructure by making it easier to give everyone in your ecosystem access to specific applications - without compromising security.

G/On is a client/server platform based on Giritech's EMCADS™ technology. The G/On Server is typically installed on a dedicated server, behind the main perimeter firewall, together with the application servers.

There are two client options:


Installed on a high quality USB key, G/On USB affords maximum mobility. Just plug the USB key into the USB port of any Internet-enabled PC (W2K+) and wait for the log-in dialog box to appear. Enter your normal user name and password and you're connected to the applications you need.

G/On Desktop

Installed on a PC, this client option provides low-cost remote connectivity for your business. Like G/On USB, users still enjoy the security of 2-factor authentication, AES encryption and mutual client/server authentication, but are limited to one PC.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com