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ImagXpress  by Accusoft

ImagXpress is a collection of image processing libraries that add image processing to your Windows applications. With functions like image editing, conversion, compression and color adjustment, along with easy-to-implement code and comprehensive code examples, adding image processing and manipulation to your Windows application is easy using this imaging SDK.

ImageXpress is available in the following editions:

  • Standard Edition: ImagXpress Standard offers a solid set of basic image viewing, scanning and processing features. Viewing tools, image effects and basic image enhancement are included. Document image cleanup and annotation support are not provided. Includes the ImagXpress, ThumbnailXpress and TwainPRO components.
  • Professional Edition: ImagXpress Professional offers an impressive collection of state-of-the-art document and photo enhancement and compression technologies. ImagXpress Professional offers all functionality available within the ImagXpress toolkit. Includes the ImagXpress, NotateXpress, ThumbnailXpress, TwainPRO and PrintPRO components.
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