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Infragistics ASP.NET  by Infragistics

Infragistics ASP.NET toolset provides developers with flexible, advanced controls for building stylable user interfaces and delivering premium user experiences with ASP.NET and AJAX. The Web forms controls are designed with cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility in mind and are touch-enabled on mobile devices, supporting a range of gestures - like flicking, pinching, panning and zooming.

Accelerate your app development with one of the ASP.NET's most versatile toolset. Build intuitive, full-featured business applications for any web browser with the most powerful set of high performance UX controls and components available anywhere, including a fast data grid.

Key Features:

  • Chart & Gauges: Render a broad range of high-fidelity 2D & 3D ASP.NET Charts including the most common line-of-business charts like bar, line, area and pie to more complex financial, candle and radar.
  • Editors: Infragistics's Editors give you complete data display and data entry for grids, tree views, scheduling controls or standalone data entry forms. You can choose exactly the right editor control for the kind of data you're working with, including Date Pickers, Captcha and much more.
  • Frameworks: Working with Microsoft Excel, XPS, Microsoft Word or Adobe file formats has never been easier, thanks to Infragistics's ASP.NET Frameworks. You don’t need applications like Word, Excel or Acrobat installed on your machine with Infragistics's Frameworks; you can easily read and write .XLS, .XLT, .XLSX*, .XLTX*, .XLSM*,.XLTM*, ExcelML, Doc & DocX file formats. In addition to Infragistics's document libraries, you get Shapes support, Templates, Page Breaks, Print Area, Data Validation and more.
  • Grids: When it comes to your web applications, performance matters. If you have massive amounts of data that requires lightning-fast processing, only the industry’s best controls will do. Enter Infragistics's ASP.NET Grids. No other Grids on the market can even compare to their power and performance.
  • Interactions: Put the finishing touches on your ASP.NET apps with common user interaction controls like Rating, File Upload, Progress Indicators, Dialogs and more.
  • Layouts: For rich web layouts, the ASP.NET Resizing Extender, Splitter, Tab & Groupbox controls can deliver interactive UIs that target any browser.
  • Lists: Simple and lightweight, Infragistics's ASP.NET List controls improve your app’s experience and give your users the ability to find what they’re looking for without a second thought.
  • Menus: Sophisticated navigation and toolbar capabilities can be added to your ASP.NET applications with our Menu controls. Infragistics's comprehensive, intuitive collection of Menu tools empower developers to create familiar user interfaces that decrease the learning curve for end users while providing a rich and robust experience.
  • Schedules: Infragistics's Scheduling suite gives you all the print-ready, touch-friendly UI controls you need to create a full-featured resource scheduling app. Easily drag and drop to mimic an Outlook-inspired user interface, with multiple data-bound views for schedule data. Users can enter new appointments, adjust start and end times, cut, copy, paste and even resize appointments with full Calendar functionality like Day, Week, Month, Multi-Month, Timeline and Calendar Dropdown.
  • Styling & Themes: Your customers deserve apps with performance and style. Give them the ultimate experience when you use AppStylist to fine-tune the look of your application quickly and easily with dozens of common and custom styles.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com