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Infragistics for Windows Forms  by Infragistics

Get the most mature, fully-featured Windows Forms product on the market, with more than 100+ controls that cover every aspect of enterprise software development, including Microsoft Office-Style user interface tools, high performance dashboards and reports and full modern experiences with touch & gesture support.

Key Features:

  • Charts: You’ve got high volumes of complex information and need millions of data points analysed in milliseconds. Infragistics's Windows Forms Chart controls allow you to do just that with Infragistics's Pie and Doughnut Charts.
  • Editors: Infragistics Editors give you complete data display and data entry for grids, tree views, scheduling controls or standalone data entry forms. You can choose exactly the right editor control for the kind of data you're working with, including check boxes, option buttons, calendars, drop-down grids and more.
  • Frameworks: Infragistics Syntax Parsing Framework is a fully functional parser engine that can take a programming language and parse it into its language-specific tokens, keywords and constructs.
  • Gauges: Your information in the format you prefer. Break complex data down into easy-to-understand insight with Infragistics's powerful gauge controls, built to provide the ultimate in end-user interactivity.
  • Grids: Infragistics Windows Forms Grids are the market leaders in handling hierarchical data, flat data & OLAP data sources. With full support for bound and unbound data display, Infragistics surpass any Grids on the market in terms of features, functionality and performance. 
  • Barcodes: From shipping containers, to medical records, to a can of beans at the grocery store, barcodes have become the universal mechanism for affixing identifying data to physical assets and now Infragistics's Barcode controls allow you to easily embed data in barcode format into your applications, using Code 128 and QR symbologies.
  • Layouts: When it comes to how data is presented and how your screen is laid out, Infragistics's Windows Forms toolbox has the richest & widest variety of options based on your scenarios. Use Carousels, Docking, Tabs, Tabbed MDI, Panels, Grid Bag & Flow Layout Managers or Interactive Tiles Layouts to customise the entire interaction experience of your page.
  • Menus & Lists: Infragistics comprehensive, intuitive collection of Menu tools empowers developers to create familiar user interfaces that decrease the learning curve for end users while providing a rich and robust experience. Use Explorer Bar, List View, Navigation Bar and Tree to create any familiar Windows interface, with hierarchical data displays, built-in and custom styles and full databinding support.
  • Styling & Themes: t's never been easier to style your app. In addition to dosens of common and custom styles, AppStylist allows you to fine-tune the look of your application quickly and easily for a completely customised experience.

For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com