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InterBase  by Embarcadero

Embarcadero InterBase is an award winning, highly scalable, full-featured, admin free, Unicode-enabled, SQL-standard compliant, cross-platform database engine.

  • Easy to deploy, simple to maintain: Installable in minutes, or silently deployable along with your application: InterBase has a small on-disk and memory footprint. It’s ideal for deploying anywhere - either from a Windows or Linux Server (locally or in the cloud), or onto your local laptop, tablet, or mobile. The on-disk, cross-platform InterBase architecture dramatically reduces deployment complexities. With InterBase, your data easily moves between development, testing and multiple delivery targets - irrespective of the operating system. We’ve built InterBase from the ground up to be resilient and fully ACID-compliant to deliver near-zero admin effort on a database engine that just keeps running around-the-clock.
  • Reduce costs and risk, increase speed to market: Add pre-built and extensively-tested features such as Change Views (to track changes), role based user security, data-at-rest encryption, over-the-wire encryption, journaling and point-in-time recovery. With these and other InterBase features, simplify your development and testing processes to reduce cost, risks and time-to-market while adding even more value to your products.
  • Award winning Change Tracking: IoT award-winning data change tracking feature in InterBase. With it, you can ask the database “What has changed for me?”. and get results that show field-level change deltas - by user and device! Moving just what has changed (the delta) dramatically lowers network traffic and data costs as well as increasing the scalability of your server. Change Views readily scales to thousands of users, without using traditional log tables or table triggers - so you’ll enjoy significant reductions in disk space and CPU cost.
  • Data protection the right way: Full 256-bit AES strength database file encryption, as well as full over the wire encryption. InterBase offers a good solution for mitigating such risks, with its column-level encryption that is managed by ISO 9001 role-based authentication. Administrative access is controlled by a special database login for the Data Security Officer, which ensures that data-access rules are precisely managed in the database. The result: when code is refactored or redesigned, the data visibility rules are still enforced.
  • Disaster recovery that adds value to your application: InterBase is built from the ground up to be resilient in the event of power losses and network disconnects.
    • InterBase also features Journaling, which gives you both the speed of full in-memory processing and the data security of immediate writes.
    • Journaling ensures that there is no data loss. InterBase Point-in-Time Recovery is another excellent fail-safe feature. Working closely with Journaling, this feature give you the power to rewind your database to a previous point-in-time.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com