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Jumar:Links Business Intelligence Bundle  by Jumar Solutions Europe

The Jumar:Links Business Intelligence bundle consists of a copy of CA's AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler and a copy of Jumar:Links for AllFusion ErWin Data Modeler and Business Intelligence.

Jumar:Links for AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler and Business Intelligence opens up the data in production databases and data warehouses to the non-technical user. Using information contained in AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler models, it automatically generates logical, business-oriented interfaces to the physical database tables which can then be fed directly into reporting tools such as Crystal Reports.

The Problem: Users wanting to use reporting tools such as Crystal Reports for querying existing databases usually have to do a considerable amount of work before they can start to design any reports. This is because they are normally faced with a physical database structure, not a logical one. Physical database structures are often very difficult to use because table and column names are not meaningful to business users, and because they may not contain foreign keys. First, the user must understand what tables and columns are needed and how they relate to one another; then they must define logical names, or aliases, for the tables and columns; and finally they must define the links or joins between the tables. Only then can they start to actually design the reports they need.

The Solution: An add-in for ERwin that will extract the metadata from a logical/physical model and build an open 'logical' interface to the database, containing pre-defined logical views and associations, in a common format which can be accessed by major reporting tools.

This Bundle provides the complete solution by providing a full copy of AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler with a copy Jumar:Links at a very special price. Save £500 off the cost of buying the two products separately.

For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com