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Libra ESVA  by Libra SRL

Libra ESVA (Email Security Virtual Appliance) is a security system for the exchange of electronic mail information, optimised by Security Engineer from Libra Srl. The system is supplied in the form of a virtual machine, ready for installation on any VMware Server, ESX Server, Player or Workstation system.

Libra ESVA perfectly integrates with any messaging system and is completely independent from existing technology. Everyday electronic mail is an essential instrument for any work related activity, yet it is also the principle instrument for SPAM, Virus, and Trojan diffusion, which fills the mailbox, slows down production and represents great informatic risk.

Libra ESVA is the Antispam, Antivirus and Email Scanning solution invented for actively and efficiently fighting this problem.

Key Features:

  • Guarantee Efficiency: Absolute efficiency protection with 99.95% spam reate detection and near zero False Positive rate.
  • Integration: No extravagant changes to the existing network architecture, functions with all mail servers including Exchange.
  • Simple: Administration and configuration are designed to be simple and immediate. Very few config questions and up and running in less then 15 minutes!
  • Report: Exhaustive report on all inbound and outbound Email traffic.
  • Spam and Quarantine User Administration: Individual administration of ones own spam and quarantine.
  • Daily Updates: Daily auto updates of Spam and Virus definition.
  • Backup and System Update Functionalities: Includes advanced data and configurations backups and simple one step procedure system update!
  • Multi Domain: Support for infinite internet domains.
  • Multilayer Antispam Engine: Guarantee maximum protection. Libra Esva Antispam engine includes: SPF, Recipient Verification, SURBL's, RBL, Baeysian Filter, Dynamic RBL, Header and Body Checks
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com