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LinqConnect  by Devart

LinqConnect is a fast, lightweight and easy to use LINQ to SQL compatible ORM solution, supporting SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. It allows you to use efficient and powerful data access for your .NET Framework, Metro, Silverlight or Windows Phone applications supporting Code-First, Model-First, Database-First or mixed approaches.

LinqConnect is available in following editions:

  • LinqConnect Professional includes Express editions of dotConnect for Oracle, dotConnect for MySQL , dotConnect for PostgreSQL and dotConnect for SQLite and supports corresponding databases and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • LinqConnect Standard uses SqlClient to connect to Microsoft SQL Server. Other databases are not supported.
  • LinqConnect for Silverlight allows you to develop applications for Silverlight 4 and higher. LinqConnect for Windows Phone allows you to develop Windows Phone applications. LinqConnect for Metro allows you to develop Window Store apps. These editions support connecting to Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL over TCP/IP and offer an embedded database engine based on SQLite to store data in a local database. With LinqConnect for Silverlight or LinqConnect for Windows Phone you can use both LINQ and ADO.NET data access to these databases. Read more about LinqConnect for Silverlight , LinqConnect for Windows Phone and LinqConnect for Metro .

Key Features:

  • LINQ to SQL Compatible: LinqConnect was developed closely to LINQ to SQL and retains full compatibility with it. Interface of the LinqConnect classes is compatible with LINQ to SQL ones. If you are a LINQ to SQL developer, you don't need to learn much and can start developing with LinqConnect immediately.
  • Code-First, Database-First, Model-First: LinqConnect supports all the development approaches - Code-First, Database-First, Model-First or mixing Database-First and Model-First. Its visual model designer Entity Developer allows you to quickly design your model and offers easy-to-use wizards for creating model from a database, database from a model or synchronising existing model and database in any direction.
  • .NET, Silverlight, Metro, Mono, Windows Phone: Share the same code for working with data on different platforms! LinqConnect is a database connectivity solution that works great on different .NET-based frameworks.
  • Easy Integration with Different Microsoft Technologies: Use LinqConnect for data access in your Windows Forms, ASP.NET WebForms, WCF RIA Services, Dynamic Data, WPF or other applications.
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