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LiteSpeed for SQL Server  by ScriptLogic

LiteSpeed for SQL Server is a SQL Server backup and recovery solution. High performance compression technologies reduce archive sizes by up to 95%, reducing storage costs and backup and recovery time while maintaining complete control over the backup and recovery process. Define backup targets, compression levels and other settings and drive scheduled backups or on-demand backups using the command-line interface.

Main Features Include:

  • Space: Backups are compressed up to 95% of their original size saving storage space on disks and tapes
  • Ease: Double-Click restores encapsulate the backup data and restore engine into a single file for quick and easy data recovery
  • Security: 9 different levels of encryption let you choose the right security level for your data
  • 11 levels of compression: Choose from minimal compression for fastest backups, up to the highest compression to reduce backup sizes by up to 95%.
  • Backup Analyser Gives you the ability to test different LiteSpeed parameters and different backup locations
  • Attached File Backup: LiteSpeed offers the Attached File option allowing you to attach documentation to your database archive.
  • Database Categorisation: Categorise databases any way you want (PROD, DEV, TEST) as well as assign multiple categories (Location, Application) and then choose your desired view.
  • Backup Mirroring: Backup the data on one server, and then do a full database restore on a different server, eliminating the time needed to install new software.
  • Centralised Reporting: LiteSpeed provides you with a comprehensive reporting engine allowing you to configure and produce reports in a number of different formats for presentation to management.
  • File Checksum: Verify the backup integrity during a restore from tape to disk.
  • LiteSpeed Maintenance Plans: Gives the user the ability to craft maintenance plans with all the options of the native tool plus the power of LiteSpeed regardless of how simple or complex the plans are.
  • 9 levels of encryption: LiteSpeed offers built-in RC2, RC4, AES, 3DES secret key encryptions to protect backups from unauthorised access
  • Double-Click Restore: LiteSpeed builds a complete, self-contained restorable database file ready for shipping.
  • Integrated Log Shipping: Backup to the latest transaction with integrated support for log shipping.
  • Enterprise Command-Line Interface: LiteSpeed backups and restores can be fully automated with the standard command-line, or with T-SQL scripts.
  • Log Reader – Enterprise Edition: Recover data stored in transaction log files by rolling back any operation and reconstructing transactions.
  • Configurable to Your Environment: LiteSpeed allows you to set the CPU throttle, processor affinity for each server backup, and how many threads are utilised during the backup process
  • Guided Restore: LiteSpeed will ensure that additional backup files are automatically added to the restore when a transaction log or differential backup is selected using the restore wizard.
  • Log Shipping Management: Allows you to easily configure and monitor both LiteSpeed and native log shipping plans.
  • Cluster Aware: LiteSpeed fully supports clustered environments.
  • Remote Deploy: LiteSpeed offers you the ability to use separate Windows and database administrative accounts when deploying remotely across your environment.
  • Table Level Recovery – Enterprise Edition: Recover from unexpected database changes by restoring individual tables, rather than the entire archive.
  • Extract DDL from Backup Archive – Enterprise Edition: Extract the script necessary to recreate the database from the archive file.
  • Backup Archive Queries – Enterprise Edition: Get specific information from the backup archive by running queries against it.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com