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MagiCure Professional  by AvantEDGE Solutions

MagiCure Professional helps PC users to restore and recover PCs following a failure. Once installed users can restore a machine to the state that it was in before problems occurred. MagiCure Professional uses Snapshot Technology to create periodic restoration points enabling smooth, failure-free operation and maintenance.

Users can take manual snapshots at any point or schedule snapshots to be taken at regular intervals.

MagiCure creates a virtual shield around the entire PC and does not use back-up technology so does not require additional hard drive or server storage space.

Key features

  • Restore system: You can control rollback parameters from either MagiCure’s application console in Windows or in the Subsystem console which offer you a listing of time-stamped snapshots that will help you choose the appropriate moment in time to where you want to roll back your PC.
  • Recover files: Select one of MagiCure’s snapshots with the time-stamp of your choice which gives you have your ”moment in time” in which you can search through files or folders by name, specific type and size.
  • Take a new snapshot: Lets you select a moment in time from which you can restore the state of your file, or even the entire system.
  • Reset the baseline: The Basline is the first snapshot created during MagiCure setup and MagiCure offers you the option of returning your PC’s system to the baseline at any time.
  • Manage snapshots: Allows you high levels of control and options where you can explore, rename, delete, and lock/unlock snapshots.
  • Automate Magicure: You can easily automate MagiCure to take scheduled snapshots or perform scheduled rollbacks according to pre-determined parameters.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com