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MailMeter  by Waterford Technologies

MailMeter provides products with multiple functionalilty for managing, analysing and reporting. Store incoming, outgoing and intra-company e-mail headers, subject lines, domains that have been sent to and from, file size, attachments and body text in a separate database from the corporate e-mail store.

The MailMeter product range includes the following:

  • MailMeter Archive: a comprehensive email archiving solution that captures and pre-indexes email in real-time to provide a complete, unalterable and secure email archive.
  • MailMeter Individual Search and Retrieval (ISR): the optional ISR interface gives users the ability to search every email that they have sent or received. Users can search for mail sent to or received from specific addresses, organisations and the narrow by date ranges.
  • MailMeter Storage Manager: reduces the size of the mail server by "stubbing" the largest portion of the email: attachments. Users can configure MailMeter Storage Manager to "stub" any attachment so that it will be replaced with a link ("stub").
  • MailMeter Investigate: discover and find information quicker.
  • MailMeter Compliance Review: provides a visible control system, process and audit trails to manage financial records.
  • MailMeter Insight: an Email Management and Security solution that provides intelligence into corporate email content, hidden interactions and behaviour patterns that put organisations at risk.
  • MailMeter File Archive: offers a file management and archive solution that give IT departments the capability to manage all of their users files that exist on file servers.
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