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Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server  by Mapsoft Computer Services

Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server is a robust, server-based automation tool which delivers a professional solution for working with Adobe Acrobat’s Portable Document Format (PDF) documents to the server-based network.

Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server allows task sequences for the following Mapsoft tools to be deployed and run in a server environment: Impress, BookMarker, TOCBuilder, ImagePlacer, DocuMerger, MaskIt, ContentScaler, MediaSizer, ThumbNails, PageManager, PDFSplitter, OpenOptions, SecuritySetter, InfoSetter, and Flattener. To do this, Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server utilises the power of Mapsoft’s associated desktop (client) product, Automator: a unique automation macro builder tool. Automator enables you to select a combination of Mapsoft’s individual publishing tools and create a sequence of tasks to be performed by those tools. This task sequence is known as an Automator configuration.

Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server extends the functionality of the desktop Automator tool by allowing you to deploy its configurations within a server environment.

The Automator configurations, (and the individual Mapsoft publishing tool sequences which they consist of), can be created under Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server itself, within the server environment. Alternatively, they can be created on a desktop machine using the tools in the Mapsoft PDF Plug-in Suite and then moved to a location which can be accessed by Workflow Server.

Mapsoft provides one copy of its desktop Plug-in Suite (consisting of one copy of each of Mapsoft’s desktop publishing tools) with each copy of the Workflow Server. This Plug-in Suite is licensed for installation on one desktop machine only, and is provided solely to assist administrators in the creation of the Automator configurations needed by the Workflow Server.

You use Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server to run the Automator configurations over specified watched folders. Using Workflow Server you can configure these watched folders to specify output file destination and naming options.

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