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McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite  by McAfee

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite integrates core functions into a single, manageable, multiplatform environment ideal for safeguarding traditional desktops that have limited exposure to Internet threats.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite comprises:

  • Real-Time Anti-Malware and Antivirus Protection: Block viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, and other potentially unwanted programs that steal confidential data and sabotage user productivity.
  • Proactive Email and Web Security: Intercept malware and spam before it reaches inboxes. Built-in McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus warns users about malicious websites before they click and allows administrators to authorise or block website access, ensuring compliance.
  • Desktop Firewall: Control desktop applications that can access the network, and stop network-borne attacks and downtime. Deploy and manage firewall policies based on location to deliver complete protection and compliance with regulations.
  • Comprehensive Device Control: Monitor and restrict data copied to removable storage devices and media to keep it from leaving company control.
  • Unrivalled Centralised Management: The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) platform with Real Time for McAfee ePO provides instant visibility and control over security defenses and unifies controls over all your security and compliance tools, from McAfee as well as third parties.
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