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Network Inventory Advisor  by ClearApps

Agent-free solution for network inventory of Windows and Mac OS networks with flexible report builder. Software and hardware audit is simpler with PC inventory solution. PC Inventory Advisor perfectly scans networks of any size tracking various software & hardware parameters of your devices.

Key features

  • Software Inventory - detects all software installed in the network. Automatically tracks versions, install dates, publisher and other relevant PC software inventory data. Collects all OS details.

  • Enterprise Hardware Inventory - Discovers and tracks all hardware in the network.

  • All-in-one Computer Inventory - PC audit reports in one place.

  • Software Licensing Audit - Scans for MS, SQL, Office and other product keys & serial numbers.

  • Non-network assets tracking - adds non-IT assets to the inventory

  • Scanning scheduler- Automates scanning with advanced scheduler and manage PC audit reports.

  • Network-wide hardware changes tracking - notifies when something is removed, installed or replaced anywhere in the network.

  • Extremely simple and convenient asset management - enables moving, grouping, regrouping and ungrouping, reassigning and editing multiple nodes easily.

  • Reliable security software detection - features custom antiviruses, firewalls and antispyware software detection. It ensures that even server OS, or computers with disabled Security Center are inventoried correctly.

Release version 3.8 comes with fixes, operational improvements and new features such as shared grouping templates for your software, Active Directory integration and lists of nodes, and group summaries.

For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com