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OpenText Business Intelligence  by OpenText

OpenText™ Business Intelligence (OTBI) is a comprehensive query and reporting solution that enables business analysts and other business users to pose questions about their data and then view the results in visually informative reports. OTBI provides decision-makers with greater insight, faster.

Self-Service First and Foremost
OTBI is designed primarily for business users who want to serve themselves with minimal assistance from IT. These nontechnical personnel increasingly need the ability to investigate enterprise data on their own so they can ask—and answer—important questions about the business. Hiding in an organization’s data is intelligence that can be used to provide better customer service, deliver higher-quality products, measure and improve operational efficiency, analyze trends and discover opportunities, and ultimately make better business decisions. With OTBI, the range of questions that can be answered is limited only by the data itself and the employee’s imagination.

Visual Wizard for Data Queries
Key to empowering business users is OTBI’s graphical “semantic layer,” an intuitive, easy-to-use visual interface that offers access to databases and the data they contain. It allows nontechnical personnel to examine the data and build ad hoc query statements by simply dragging and dropping elements and drawing connections between them. No knowledge of SQL statements is required.

Report Sharing
Built-in sharing features allow approved users to collaborate by saving and send reports or “sub-reports” to colleagues. Security features ensure confidential information is not shared inappropriately. Business users can also format reports and save queries for later re-use.

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456460 Full-Use Licence (Minimum 50) *Maintenance Required* v11.x (ESD) (1000030771) Delivery within 2 days. information button
Version: 11.x. Publisher's code: 1000030771. You are required to purchase maintenance with this item. Manufacturer does not accept returns on this item. Electronic Software Delivery: We manually process this order and then email you download instructions. There is no delivery charge for this item. Normally delivered within 2 working day(s).
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456461 Full-Use Licence (Minimum 50) 1 Year Maintenance (1000030774) information button
Publisher's code: 1000030774. Manufacturer does not accept returns on this item. Service is provided for 1 year.
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