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Opus Pro  by Digital Workshop

Opus Pro is a quick, cost effective tool providing fast track development of interactive applications at all levels including Adobe Flash, SCORM and Moodle e-learning materials, online games and interactive rich media presentations as well as CD-Rom and DVD.

Key Features:

  • Powerful and easy to use: Allowing you to create stunning interactive applications and multimedia quickly. It will save you time and money on existing work and open up new revenue opportunities.
  • Fast: Quick enough to make simple prototypes but powerful enough for full blown applications and database front ends. It is useful not just for multimedia authoring but also for producing stylish modern applications of all kinds.
  • Publish in different formats: Finished Opus work can be published in a number of different formats such as; Adobe Flash, CD Rom, stand-alone .exe files, DVD-video or rich media presentations for the web. You can add a ready-made setup program if required and write direct to CD or DVD (requires Nero 6 or above). This makesit easy to develop one set of resources that can be re-used for different output formats.
  • Powerful all-in-one visual development software: Design and develop everything from simple interactive presentations and quizzes to complex simulations, commercial programs and database applications with or without programming.
  • Easy & powerful eLearning: Templates and wizards will get you started quickly but are completely flexible - you can add, delete or redesign elements and can even have more than one question on a page.
  • More visual, less basic development tool: Can create commercial applications, games and database interfaces just like a programming language but let's you design the program and only do the programming you need.
  • Getting it out there: Finished Opus Pro projects can be published in a number of different formats for distribution to others without needing Opus themselves (no projector - no pack and go necessary) such as; Adobe Flash, stand-alone .exe files with setup program and icon, CD-Rom or USB, video and DVD-video, Plexus - avoid the limitations of HTML5, Android phone - via Flash and Flashpiper.
  • Simple branching: Taking different actions for different situations needs no programming - simply set the conditions to be met with options on a single dialog. Loops and performing math calculations are also simple.
  • Simple SCORM: You have full control of when and where SCORM actions happen but with the same select-and-apply simplicity as any other activity. Then you can package your file from with the Opus publishing program ready to upload to the LMS. No need for additional software.
  • QuickBuild: Automates repetitive but essential tasks such as automatically naming objects from their content, building tables and grids, and copying attributes. It will create a menu or index from the pages in your publication (or vice versa).
  • Versatile master pages: Use master pages to hold consistent features such as navigation buttons so you edit only once. Multiple master pages can be combined for versatile content and objects can appear on top of child pages.
  • Animation for everyone: Use over 1200 transitions to show or hide objects including scroll, fade, starburst, page curl and more. Tween object makes any kind of animation easy but you can also create stop frame and cel animation with images or even combinations of objects. Alternatively, animate objects along a path or with a looped script.
  • Drawing tools and special effects: features built-in on screen text editing, vector drawing tools for arrows, frames and borders as well as graphical blends and textures for a stylish design without the need for paint programs or drawing programs. But you can import all popular formats if you prefer and even set your favorite tool to launch from within Opus Pro.
  • Instant preview and test: Preview and test your publication at any time without waiting and test each page as you go.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com