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Oxygen Forensic Detective  by Oxygen Forensics

Key Features:

Mobile Data Exctraction: Oxygen Forensic® Detective offers data extraction from iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry devices, feature phones, media, and SIM cards. Simultaneous acquisition of several devices is available. The software imports numerous backups and images, including iTunes, Android and BlackBerry backups, JTAG and Chip-off images, and many others. Oxygen Forensic® Detective uses several proprietary methods to bypass or disable screen locks on mobile devices, including Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Chinese chipset ones. The program automatically finds passwords to encrypted backups and images by using brute-force, dictionary, Xieve and other attacks.

Cloud Data Extraction: Oxygen Forensic® Detective allows you to gain access to iCloud, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei accounts, E-mail server and other services, like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, WhatsApp, etc. The software is capable to import
and parse complete iCloud backups (usually up to 3 of each device). You may utilize either account credentials or tokens to access a cloud storage. The program extracts credentials and tokens directly from mobile devices and displays them in Cloud Accounts section from where Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor can be launched. Oxygen Forensic® Detective can also find and decrypt an iCloud token stored on a user’s computer.

Drone Data Extraction: Oxygen Forensic® Detective enables the most verbose drone data parsing and analysis from physical dumps, drone logs and mobile applications. The software can import drone physical dumps and parse GPS locations showing valuable route data as well as meta-data like speed, direction, altitude, etc. You can import drone log files directly into Oxygen Forensic® Maps to visualize locations and track the drone flight path. Moreover, data parsing from drone applications is available from iOS and Android devices. Forensic experts can decode drone images and videos, their time stamps and lots of other valuable data.


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