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PDA Protect  by Becrypt

PDA Protect PDA Encryption Software is a comprehensive security solution for PDAs. PDA Protect is a comprehensive and secure PDA encryption product available for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). PDA Protect is a pda encryption software solution that secures a PDA by encrypting its removable memory, enforcing strong user authentication, restricting data transfer, and optionally preventing the use of high-risk features, allowing an enterprise to impose controls on PDA use.

PDA Protect authenticates the user by password every time the PDA is switched on. If the password entered is incorrect the pda encryption software recognises this , the device remains locked and the data is secure. However, PDA Protect provides a Device Recovery mechanism, which allows an authorised user who has forgotten his or her password, with the aid of an Administrator, to unlock the device without compromising data security. After which the PDA encryption software immediately enforces a password change. Additionally, PDA Protect may be configured to perform a hard reset following repeated password failure.

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