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PDF Creator Pilot  by Two Pilots

PDF Creator Pilot is a library for creating PDF files from Visual Basic, ASP, Delphi, Visual C++ and VBScript. Create, open, merge or manipulate PDF files and use library commands and WinApi functions. PDF security, font embedding, different font charsets, document compression are also supported.

New Features in v4.3.3191 include:

  • Added support for managment of tables AddTable, ShowTable etc.
  • Added support for markup annotations Highlight, Underline, Squiggly and StrikeOut
  • Added support for cross-reference streams (for PDF documents v1.5 and higher)
  • Added support for reading a file attachment annotations SaveAttachmentAnnotationToFile and GetAttachmentAnnotationFileName
  • Added the ConvertToA3 method for converting PDF document containing A4 pages to document containing A3 pages
  • Improved working with PDF rasterizing
  • Fixed a bug for PatBlt record in EMF
  • Fixed a bug in the extraction of text from a PDF
  • Fixed a bug with changing page size after opening some PDFs
  • Fixed a bug in PolyBezierTo records in EMF
  • Fixed a bug with truncation of coordinates in Polyline(To) records in EMF
  • Fixed a bug with Hebrew and Arabic text in EMF
  • Fixed a bug with reseting of viewportorigin values after calling SetMapMode(MM_TEXT) in EMF
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect positioning for right text align in EMF
  • Fixed a bug in SetViewportExt record for isotropic mode in EMF
  • Fixed a bug with embedded fonts in PDF/A compatible files.
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