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PacketTrap MSP  by Quest Software

PacketTrap MSP automatically notifies when network performance degrades, enabling users to fix problems before any impact on their customers. Through a wizard, users can configure alerts for multiple conditions that meet the needs of their customer's network. PacketTrap MSP monitors network events, traffic, and conditions to create a performance baseline which ensures that users don't get inundated with false-positive alerts from normal network activity. Additionally, PacketTrap MSP can automatically escalate critical alerts until the problem is resolved and can suppress alerts for scheduled network maintenance. Key features include:
  • Send alerts via email and SMS when network trouble arises
  • Configure network alerts for interrelated events or conditions
  • Escalate network alerts automatically for unresolved issues
  • Ensure you don't receive unnecessary and false-positive notifications
  • Remote Network & Server Management
  • ConnectWise, TigerPaw & AutoTask Integration
  • Remote Network Configuration
  • Remote Network Traffic Management
In addition to Patch Management, Ticketing, Alerting, and Remote Control / Help Desk, PacketTrap MSP uniquely provides: traffic analysis, over 50 diagnostic tools, website surfing analysis, virtualization , ConnectWise PSA integration and VoIP monitoring. PacketTrap MSP sets up in minutes and auto-discovers system resources and their metrics, including hardware, operating systems, virtualization, databases, middleware, applications and services.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com