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Panda Cloud Email Protection  by Panda

Panda Cloud Email Protection is a SaaS email security solution that eliminates unproductive traffic at the network perimeter. The solution shifts security management to the cloud, allowing for immediate startup and hassle-free management even for mobile users.

Software as a Service lets companies focus on their core business, freeing them from the management tasks and operating costs associated with traditional security solutions. Panda Cloud Email Protection comprises a multi-layer system of filters and protection mechanisms, leveraging Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence knowledge base to deliver the most effective security. It significantly reduces mail server workloads by eliminating spam, and removes all types of malware from inbound and outbound mail.

Panda Cloud Email Protection comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that ensures administrators can quickly deploy the protection.

Cloud Email Protection benefits

  • Maximum real-time protection: Collective Intelligence stops non-productive traffic before it enters the corporate network.
  • Minimum costs: No upfront investment or hardware and software maintenance. Panda Security manages your IT security infrastructure, updates and patches transparently to users
  • Minimal resource consumption: Reduced bandwidth consumption and mail server saturation.
  • Immediate startup: Just redirect your server’s Mail Exchange (MX) Record to enjoy the protection

Key features

  • Centralised, multi-domain Web console available anywhere, anytime.
  • Multi-layer anti-spam technologies, IP reputation, SPF, domain and recipient validation.
  • Guaranteed filtering mode based on per-user whitelists.
  • Real-time connection to Collective Intelligence.
  • Flexible and granular security policies, by domain or by user.
  • Multiple mailbox registration options: Manual, SMTP, LDAP and import.
  • Local Notifier on user workstations with access to quarantine and settings.
  • TLS encryption for domain-to-domain email traffic.
  • Webmail includes 10 days’ backup of valid incoming mail and 15 days for spam.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com