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Panda Corporate Software Solutions  by Panda

Panda Security for Desktops
Get complete protection without sacrificing the performance of your workstations Complete, integrated protection against all kinds of threats. Monitor your network security level. Stay one step ahead of attacks. Compatible with Windows Vista.

Panda Security for File Servers
Integrated protection for your information. Straightforward security management. Resource friendly protection.

Panda Security for Exchange Servers
Supports MS Exchange Server 2007. ExchangeSecure is designed for companies that need high quality protection for MS Exchange Server. It scans all inbound and outbound corporate mail traffic for malware. The spam protection blocks inbound junk mail before it can reach users' mailboxes. It can also filter out offensive content. The heuristic scan detects and quarantines suspicious files.

Panda Security for Domino Servers
Rapid and effective scanning. Simple installation and maintenance. Centralized security management to combat all types of threats.

Panda Security for Commandline
Protects against malware. Scans and cleans computers with damaged graphic interfaces. Reduces the risk of infection on local networks.

Panda Security for ISA Servers
Ensures the robustness of your security policies. Stops the spread of infections on local networks. Maximizes return on investment.

Panda Security for Sendmail
Keeps your company free from spam. Optimizes your email service resources. Reduces management and maintenance time.

Panda Security for Qmail
Ensures complete email protection. Gets the most out of your email server resources. Reduces management and maintenance time.

Panda Security for Postfix
Real time decision-making. Guarantees email security. Gets the most out of your IT resources.

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