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PerfectDisk Enterprise Console  by Raxco

PerfectDisk Enterprise Console provides management and reporting capabilities to help IT managers stay on top of fragmentation and optimisation issues across the enterprise. Enterprise Console helps administrators manage defragmentation through a single interface and includes fragmentation warning and alert sustems, combined with easy-to-use deployment and management capabilities.

Key Features

  • Centralised Management: Easily install, deploy, configure, manage and report on PerfectDisk across computers, servers and virtual environments. The PerfectDisk Enterprise Console's Deployment Wizard guides administrators through deployment, updating and installation processes. Plus, from the console interface you can seamlessly convert evaluation copies to licensed copies of PerfectDisk.
  • Auto-Optimisation for Complete Unattended Optimisation: Customise defragmentation and optimisation schedules for your computers, servers and virtual environments from a single location. Through the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console, you can automate defrags that run daily, weekly or during system idle times.
  • Customised Settings Management: Define and manage settings for each PerfectDisk client according to their unique requirements. The PerfectDisk Enterprise Console lets you easily configure a host of PerfectDisk settings across your enterprise, including log settings, system resources and priority settings.
  • Instant Notification of Fragmentation Issues: PerfectDisk Enterprise Console gives you the ability to customise up to 12 alerts on fragmentation of drives across your enterprise. When alert parameters have been reached, the console provides visual notifications of the affected drive and the severity of the problem. Notifications can also be emailed to system administrators automatically.
  • Remote Desktop Management with Remote Control: Troubleshoot fragmentation issues across an entire enterprise through a single, convenient location. With the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console, administrators can access terminal service and remote desktop and have the ability to control PerfectDisk on remote drives.
  • Advanced Reporting of Fragmentation Issues: The PerfectDisk Enterprise Console provides the industry's most comprehensive set of fragmentation reports, giving you a complete picture of fragmentation issues across your enterprise. Reports include:
    • Install Report: Shows which computers have PerfectDisk installed, including the version number and license type/expiration.
    • Fragmentation report: Shows fragmentation-related issues across the enterprise, with visual alerts of affected drives.
    • Historic Fragmentation Reports: Shows fragmentation-related issues over a user-specified date range.
    • Alert and Warning Report: Shows the current warnings and alerts for drives throughout the network.
    • StealthPatrol Schedule Report: Shows schedules for running PerfectDisk on drives throughout the network.
  • Remote Free Space Management: IT administrators can easily obtain detailed storage information on workstations and servers throughout the enterprise.
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